Saying Your Vows by Oahu's North Shore Waves


Have you ever heard about the famous North Shore on Oahu? It has inspired so many young men and women to practice the sport of surfing and is home to a variety of different surf companies. These waves are something truly spectacular! Every year, surfers flock to these fabled waves to get the chance to catch one.

This incredible secluded location lets you experience the power and beauty of the ocean while you share your vows with your loved one. Don’t worry — it’ toes in the sand, not in the water! This couple brought their closest family and friends with them as they united in marriage on this pristine beach on the North Shore.

The ceremony started with the blowing of the conch shell as the Hawaiians do for the ali’i or royalty, reserved for special occasions such as this. The couple was blessed with traditional Hawaiian blessings and prayers. The most touching moment was as the couple shared their vows, they included their daughter in the joining of a family.

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Island: Oahu

Wedding Style: Modern Boho

Embellishments: Aisle Decor

Modern Elopement