How to Choose Your Wedding Style

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We’re talking all about the flowers today! This is one of our very favorite pieces of our Elopement Collection — you get to choose between our six gorgeously curated flower styles. Each one of the six styles has a personality that is sure to match yours! The only hard part is choosing which one is your favorite.

Without further ado, we introduce you to the Wedding Styles!

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This uber tropical style is for the fun-loving couple who is all about the island life style. Bright and colorful, this design is perfect for Hawaii with a mix of orchids, anthuriums and roses accentuated with tropical leaves, perched on sleek white pillars.

Modern Hawaii Enhanced

A really great way to step this wedding style up a notch is by adding palm leaves to line the aisles! It is a really fun and fresh spin on the aisle border.

Modern Hawaii Colors

Want to know a secret about our Modern Hawaii Wedding Style? We can play with the colors! This style of flowers is versatile and we can do all white, pink, purple, yellow, orange or a combination of those colors.


For the timeless bride, this classically beautiful ceremony design incorporates large gold urns filled with roses and hydrangeas place on white wood pillars.

Modern Elegant Enhancements

This Wedding Style lends really well to aisle flowers! We love any combination of aisle flowers: full carpet, sprinkle, aisle border, etc. We also recommend adding chair flowers on the chairs closest to the aisle.

Modern Elegance Colors:

This classy Wedding Style is striking when done in all white! The bold white flowers look so clean against the gold urns.


This is quite possibly our very favorite Wedding Style! The bold drama of the hot pink and red flowers is absolutely stunning. The two custom gold pillars frame the ceremony space with the lush red and berry colored garden roses and cascading greenery.

Modern Romance Enhanced

Need more drama? This design only gets better! You can double the arrangements to have them on both the top and bottoms of the gold frames. We’re absolutely drooling!


A completely different take on the island feel, this stunning design incorporates two organic pillars of tropical leaves and white orchids. The cascading white against bold, fresh green makes you feel like you have entered into your own secret garden.

Modern Tropical Enhanced

We love this Wedding Style, and it’s enhanced version is even better! We love upgrading to the stunning ghost chairs and adding petals down the aisle. We can even upgrade to a full orchid bouquet!


Glamorous and sophisticated, this arrangement of soft colored roses with lush organic greenery is both low-profile and stunning. It is unique and will showcase your ceremony location!

Modern Glamour Enhanced

This gorgeous delicate style looks great on an arch or in a semi circle!


This relaxed and organic design is simply beautiful with lush cascading white orchids and greenery perched on wood pillars to define the ceremony space.

Modern Boho Enhanced

This gorgeous design is great in an arch, or you can add a petal aisle and a flower toss!

Which style fits your personality?

Download the lookbook here!