How To Get A Marriage License in Hawaii


So you want to get married in Hawaii? It can be really hard to know where to begin to make sure all of the legal steps are taken to seal the deal. We have the complete guide to obtaining a marriage license on the Hawaiian Islands to make everything much simpler for you!

The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining a Hawaiian Marriage License

Because this process is so easy, you shouldn’t need to start it more than ten days before your wedding date. If you’re the type that loves to check things off your list of To-Do’s early, you can start as much as a month before your tropical elopement.


STEP ONE — The Application

First things first, you will need to fill out an application. You can print out a physical copy of the application PDF and hand-write all of your personal details, or even easier, you can fill it all out online! This is the fastest and easiest way to apply for your Marriage License, you can apply and pay all without leaving your couch.

Should you choose to go the old school route and print it, you will need to bring your cash payment of $65 to your Marriage License Appointment.

The same application is used for both Marriages and Civil Unions to make this step even less confusing.


STEP TWO — The Appointment

Prior to leaving for your relaxing Hawaiian getaway, you will need to schedule an appointment to meet with a licensing agent when you arrive. Don’t worry, this meeting is nothing to stress about: no blood tests are needed, and you do not need to have Hawaiian residence or citizenship. The most important thing is that both people must be present at this appointment!

What to bring: Printed and Completed Application or E-Receipt, Driver’s License/Passport, Both People, $65 Cash ( if not paid online ), original Divorce Decree or Death Certificates if either was married before. If you are from another country, make sure to mention this when setting up an appointment and the agent can let you know which exact documents you will need to bring to your meeting.

STEP THREE — The Altar

On the day of your wedding, you will need to bring your Marriage License to your ceremony. Your Officiant will take the document, complete it, and send it off for you. You will receive a Commemorative Marriage License from us on the day of your intimate wedding, but the official license will come in the mail 60-120 days after your wedding.

See, told you it was easy!

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