Is Maui The Right Island For You?



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This is a question that we get all the time here at Modern Elopement, and it is one of our favorite questions to answer. Hint: there’s no wrong answer!!

Many times couples come to us having never visited any of the Hawaiian Islands before, so we’ve got your back! We are confident we will pair you with the perfect Elopement Destination — after all, someone just told us that we are like Elopement Matchmakers. ;)

While all of the islands are gorgeous, each is certainly unique and has its own personality and appeal. One of our favorite islands is Maui! ( okay, you caught us — they’re all our favorite ) What is so special about Maui? We’re glad you asked, you’ve come to the right place to find out if Maui is the correct spot for your intimate wedding.

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Without further ado, we introduce you to Maui —

Getting There

When planning your trip to Maui, the first thing to note is that there are three different airports to fly into: Hana, Kahului, and Kapalua. Most major airlines will fly into Maui directly ( yay, less layovers! ) and land at Kahului, which is Maui’s primary airport. Hana and Kapalua Airports are much smaller and less centrally located.


There is also a Ferry option to get to Maui, but this is only really helpful if you are coming from Molokai or Lanai, which makes it much better to start from Maui and make a day trip to another island!


Where To Stay

Maui can be broken down into East and West sides of the island. The West side is home to most of the luxury resorts on the island. Here you can find everything from the Montage Kapalua Bay to the Westin to the Aston. A little further down the West Coast and you have the Grand Wailea and Four Seasons. This side of the island is more bustling with nightlife and people. If you like to relax all day and go out at night, this is the place for you!


If you are more of the adventurous type, consider the East Side. The East Side is the more lush green side of the island and home to the super famous Road to Hana. On this side, you find the Travassa Hana as well as many oceanside cottages and condos. If 45 miles of epic views sounds more like you, check out the East Side!


When To Elope To Maui


Is there ever a bad time to come to Hawaii? Trick question, no there isn’t. Maui’s temperatures sit comfortably in the 80s Fahrenheit all year long with the warmest months being from June to October. Being a tropical island means it comes with rain and you can expect more rainfall between October and April.

If you are looking for some choice waves to learn to surf, summer months are when the water is the calmest. If you’re already a pro surfer, come visit during the winter months to surf some of the most famous waves in the world.


The best times of year to come if you are trying to avoid the crowds and get better deals on your trip are the off-seasons of Spring and Fall. It is still absolutely gorgeous, and with an island that gets about three million visitors a year, you may want to consider the shoulder seasons.

With 12,000 whales visiting Maui to breed between November and March, this is a magical time to visit the island that is the number 3 Best Whale Watching Spot in the World.


Need Further Convincing?

If whales, surfing, and epic views aren’t enough to convince you that Maui is the right island for your elopement wedding, maybe these little fun facts will be. Maui was voted Best Island in the World by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. Maybe it is because it has 30 miles of red sand, black sand, and white sand beaches which makes it the Hawaiian Island with the most accessible beaches. Or perhaps it has something to do with Haleakala which is the world’s largest dormant volcano with its crater measuring 21 miles across and 4000 feet deep. Consider also the Banyan Tree in Lahaina that is the size of a city block or the Honokohau falls which is one of the tallest waterfalls in the world.


Lastly, Maui has many incredible day trips located right at your fingertips. Easily visit Lanai a gorgeous private Island, Molokai one of the most untouched Hawaiian Islands, and Molokini one of the very best spots for snorkeling!


What is your favorite part about Maui?