Celebrating Your Love with a Vow Renewal


There are so many good reasons to have a vow renewal ceremony! You can surprise your spouse of many years with a romantic, spontaneous way of showing them how much you love them. You can start a new chapter in your story. You can finally have the wedding of your dreams.

Now that your love is a little more well-seasoned and has some life experience, holding a vow renewal ceremony is also a great way to include your entire family in the day! Your children or even grandchildren will be able to be a witness to the love that you two share.

Sometimes couples weren’t able to have the wedding day of their dreams for one reason or another, and that is the perfect excuse to have a vow renewal ceremony. These ceremonies are more intimate and you can focus on the love you two share.

How does a Vow Renewal work?

Great question! I’m glad you asked. A Vow Renewal is much like a wedding in that you will need a couple, an officiant, and beautiful details!

Our Collection will provide you with gorgeous flowers for your altar, as well as your bouquet and either a boutonniere or lei. You get to choose the style that reflects your personality the most!

We set your up with one of our top tier photographers to capture this special day for you because of course you’re going to want to brag to everyone about your gorgeous Hawaiian Vow Renewal ceremony.

Of course since this is your second time around, you’re going to want to make it memorable! We can arrange everything for you from a helicopter ride with your honey to a dinner with your guests.

What do you think, would you do a vow renewal?