How to Make Your Loved Ones Feel Included in Your Elopement


How do I include people when I elope?

Eloping doesn’t mean that you have to alienate your family or friends — there is a way to get the intimate wedding you want and have your wedding cake too.

Home-Town Bash

If you are planning an elopement wedding and can’t invite everyone you love, consider holding a home town bash after you have tied the knot and have had some time to recover. It is a great way to prolong the occasion and to include everyone without the stress or expense of having to plan a traditional wedding.


Our sweet couple Ruby and Liang decided to invite a limited amount of their friends and family to their ceremony in order to have the intimacy they wanted on their big day, but this is uncommon in their culture, so when they returned home, they threw a big party and invited everyone! A special touch that they decided to add was including Videography in their Embellishments — this allowed everyone at the party to feel like they were present on the day they eloped. Read about their wedding day here!

Most of the time your loved ones just want to officially celebrate alongside you and providing them an opportunity to do so will eliminate any hard feelings.

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Announcement Cards

Another way to make sure no one close to you feels left out is to mail them a personalized elopement announcement card after your elopement - and before any big announcements on social media. This simple gesture will prevent any hard feelings that someone close to you could have believing that they are the last to find out about your big news. 


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